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Suriyanar Temple

Suriyanar Temple (சூர்யன்) (SUN Temple) - Suryanar Kovil,

Suryanar Kovil History

Suryanar Kovil is a temple dedicated to the God Sun; the presiding deity is SUN GOD. This temple is a Beautiful deity of Lord Sun upfront and the deity of Jupiter just facing him. The temple is one of the nine Navagraha temples (Navagraha Sthalam which is for Lord Suryanayar) of Tamilnadu near kumbakonam.The temple built during Cholas period showcases Dravidian style of architecture and has a beautifully sculpted 5 tier gopuram at the entrance. Suriyanar Temple is for the faithful. A small temple, it is dedicated to Surya Narayana. Nearly 2000 years old Temple only 2 sun temples in of the temple is in here around kumbakakonam and the other is in konark. The difference is there is no idol worship in konark but here following idol worship. Here the lord sun is with usha and chaya his two wifes.the temple has separate shrines for other eight navagrahas inside the temple. It is believed that one has first visit lord vinayaga and then lord surya and then the 8 navagrahas and to finish it with visiting vinayaga again. This temple is very old having a rich heritage of the past. You can offer Archana (prayers) after purchasing the Puja materials from outside the temple you need hire a car in kumbakonam to go there. Click here to know more details about navagraha temples tour packages from kumbakonam.

Suryanar temple Location

The temple is located in rural Thirumangalakudi P.O, Thanjavur D.T, Thiruvidaimaruthur, Tamil Nadu 612102 , located about 15 km in the outskirts of Kumbakonam town. It is in between Kumbakonam and Mayiladurutai railway line near to Aduturai railway station at a distance of 5 kms. This temple is one of the must visit place near kumbakonam

Suryanar temple benefits

This Navagraha - Suryanar Kovil temple is large with huge Gopuram.. The temple is very old but powerful and Feel the vibration and will get a nice experience. Main deity is sun .All the planets are also accommodated in separate sub temples inside the sanctum. One can light oil/ghee lamps here to ward off evil.  Temple is a famous parihara stalam. Below are few pariharam to devotees suryanar temple pariharam – specially those people who suffering the ill effects of Kalathara Dosham(for un married people) , Vivaha Paribandha Dosham, Puthra Dosham, Puthra Paribandha Dosham, Vidhya Paribandha Dosham, Udyoga Padhibandha Dosham,. Would benefit from worshipping at this temple. This Suryanar temple other blessings is precise characteristic amongst all navagraha temples that's found in suriyanar koil is that there are separate shrines for Chandran, sevvai, budhan, guru, rahu, kethu, sukran and saturn whereas other navagraha temples carry one exceptional shrine for one planet simplest. All the Other navagrahas can be worship at this common temple also in this temple all the navgrah deity’s are there under one roof.

About Suriyanar kovil temple

This temple is special on Sunday. Offering wheat and red cloth on a Sunday in this temple is extremely auspicious to pacify Sun God and  to wipe off doshas / some obstacles in the Jatakam(horoscope) and worshipping these Navagrahas will wipe of those small obstacles prevailing and it is widely believed that wishes will happen really. It is slightly away from Kumbakonam town but worth a visit but a must visit while you are in kumbakinam. This temple will be crowded on Sat and Sun and we have special darshan as well. If possible take free darshan queue because it is better than the paid darshan as the queue moves faster.

Suriyanar kovil temple timings

Wheat and red flowers are given as offering here. All the pooja materials and receipts are available inside the temple also you can purchase puja material like cloth and Coconuts before the temple itself. Sunday is auspicious for lord Suriyan, so there will be huge crowd on Sundays. We are highly recommended   Call taxi service vehicle to reach there than depending on public transport. You can save more time and spent more times in other navagraha temples. Sri Venkateswara car Rental Company in kumbakonam offer you One day trip to navagraha temples and two day packages are available here Click here to get know more details

Suryanar Kovil Transport Details

This is a Sun Temple of South Indian style It is situated around 15 kms away from Kumbakonam there are lots of buses are running from kumbakonam bus stand but road condition and traffic is not good. Well plan before your visit always so better option is to hire a taxi at Kumbakonam. If you miss your timings then the entire program will be disturbed.

Our Suggestion

Take a call taxi so that you cab driver or Taxi agent will guide you if u take bus or own transportation then you will waste more  time (you cannot cover all the temples in a day) and looking for the temples as some of them are in very much interiors. Suriyanar koil is around 15 kms from kumbakonam and can be combined with kanjanur and alangudi other navagraha during tours packages. There's a procedure to go round each deity and our /temple staff guides us. The common worship practices of the devotees include offering of cloth, grains, flowers and jewels specific to the planet deity. Lighting a set of lamps is also commonly followed in the temple.

Suryanar Kovil Address

Thirumangalakudi P.O, Thanjavur D.T, Thiruvidaimaruthur, Tamil Nadu 612102

Suryanar Kovil Phone Number : 0435 247 2349

Shri Kailasanathar Temple [Chandran temple (Moon) சந்திரன்], Thingalur

Thingalur Chandran Temple History

Shri KailasanatharTemple or The Thingalur temple is a temple dedicated to the God planet moon amongst the nine planet shrines. The presiding deity is Chandran - planet moon.  Chandra Stalam is a very famous and divine and peaceful temple with beautiful architecture. It’s the smallest and oldest temple among the 9. Shri Kailasanathar Temple is one of the nine Navagrahasthalas located at Thingaloor.and has a rich history that dated back to the 7th century. Appar or Thirunavukkrasar, one of the 63 Nayanmars of Lord Shiva was believe to revive a boy's life who was bitten by a cobra in this temple.

Shri Kailasanathar Temple Location

Thingalur is about 30 km from Kumbakonam on way to Thanjavur and 4-6 kms from thiruvayaru near thanjavur. Buses from Kumbakonam towards Thiruvaiyaru stops here. The place is easily accessible from kumbakonam rather than Thanjavur if you plan to visit all navagrahas temple in a day/ two days where most of Navagraha Sthalams are located near kumbakonam. We need to go through green paddy fields in order to reach this temple. It is a nice treat to the eyes to see green paddy fields on both sides of the road. Lord Shiva main deity in this temple and Chandan is having a separate temple. The temple is set in a lovely remote village and the surrounding will blow your mind. Temple will be crowded during Weekends and Monday.

We are recommended you to visit the temple in early morning. Not much shops available near the temple. No hotels nearby if you want to stay or have some decent food, Book a kumbakonam call taxi/ Kumbakonam cab service/ car hire and hotel accommodation in kumbakonam.

Shri Kailasanathar Temple benefits/Festivals

This temple is located in a village called Thingalur in Thanjavur (Tanjore) district nearby kumbakonam town. This temple is known for Chandran (Moon). The temple has 5 tier gopuram. The temple is 2000 years old. Utram, kartikai famous here. Anyone who has Chandra dosham should visit this temple. A visit to this place is supposed to ward away all evils. If you believe / have faith in the attributes of Chandran (Moon).Chandra dosham causes issue with mother's health, mental imbalance, skin and nervous disorders. One can overcome all these issues by praying to Lord Chandran in this temple. If chandran is week in your horoscope, you are advised to visit and make pooja here. Lighting Ghee lamps in all Navagraha temples brings goodness.

Nice temple, very powerful, one of its own kinds in this place to remove all our sins. Small temple with calm environment.

About Shri KailasanatharTemple

This temple is Padal Pedra Stalam. Another specialty in this temple is the positions of the Navagraha statues. Commonly the Navagrahas will not face each other but here, all the Navagrahas will be facing the Lord Sun who is with his consorts. The reason is, they are witnessing Sun's marriage. The main idol in the temple is that of “Kailasanathar” or Shiva. The main deities worshipped here are Kailasanathar (Lord Shiva) and Goddess Periyanakiamman (Goddess Parvati). We were told about a unique feature of Thingaloor Temple is that during the months of September – October and March – April, the rays of the moon fall on the Shiva Lingam on full moon days. The temple is believed to be built by Cholas in 12th century.

Shri Kailasanathar Temple Festival timings

Monday is also the day for Lord Shiva so it was a special day. The energy was wonderful.
It will be very peaceful and is easy to wait.

Shri Kailasanathar Temple timings

The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. The temple closes sharply by 1pm and opens at 4 pm again during Dhanurmasam it probably gets closed sooner. i would advise you to check with main office for any details/ timings while planning the trip

Shri Kailasanathar Temple Transport Details

There are local buses operating from Thanjavur and Kumbakonam. You can take any city buses which go to Thiruvaiyaru from kumbakonam. Shri KailasanatharTemple or Chandran temple is 2 kms away from main road where the bus stops. You can also reach from Thanjavur. Temple is around 2kms from Main bus stop road. The approach roads are very narrow with car parking available Going by car is more convenient. The temple is small compared to other navagraha temples. Main deity is Lord Shiva with a separate Temple for chandran. 

Our Suggestion

The town is located midway between kumbakonam and tanjavur. Thingalur is off Thiruvaiyaru - Kumbakonam road, 6 km from Thiruvaiyaru. It is 25 km from Thanjavur (Tanjore). Public transportation is available from Tanjore, Kumbakonam and Thiruvaiyaru. I would suggest you to hire a cab to visit this temple as the frequency of buses is less.

Nearby Temples

The road to the temple was badly maintained. Other temples that can be clubbed are Swamimalai, Thirunageeswaram Raaghu temple, Thirukandiyur, Pateeswaram.

Shri Kailasanathar Temple Address

Shri Kailasanathar Temple [Chandran temple], Thingaloor, Tamil Nadu 612204

Shri Kailasanathar Temple Phone Number:04362 262 499







சந்திரன் (MOON)





செவ்வாய் (MARS)

Vaitheeswaran Temple  [ Mars Temple(செவ்வாய் )

Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple History

Lord Siva Vaitheeswaran Temple is one the important famous must visit temple of the region dedicated to lord Shiva worshipped as vaitheeswaran,the one who cures all from any disease. This temple is one of the oldest temples for planet mars. This is a one of the navagraha sthalam for chevvai and famous for Nadi jothidam. This timeless Abode of the almighty Lord Shiva in the form of Vaitheeswaran (doctor) and his compatriot in the form of Theyyal Nayagi (Surgeon) attracts millions of pilgrims who have either taken a vow to visit the temple or have this in their bucket list. This is one of the ancient temples of Tamilnadu. The Temple that brings peace to anyone and everyone with the blessings of good health is considered as one of the main Sthalam or place that any Hindu would like to visit and offer prayers. The place is also known for praying to mars planet in case you have any managala planet related problems in your horoscope, and this is one of the must visit temples in navagraha. There is a big pond inside where we can feed the fish. The main God is vaideeshwaran and there is a separate sannidhi for chevvai. Has big praharams but cleanliness is to be improved.

This amazing temple will take your breath away, with the gigantic ancient gopuram, the gorgeous pillars and sculptures, as well as the amazing deities, paintings on the walls and also the ceiling.

There is sand that you get from here which is said to have the powers of curing all skin rleated diseases. A very beautiful temple of the Cholas kingdom

Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple History Location

This temple is one of the oldest temples for planet mars, This is located in Vaitheeswaran koil, 7 Kms from Sirkazhi  and approximately 25 kms from Chidambaram and 15 kms from mayiladuthurai, 52 km  from Kumbakonam,Tamilnadu,Nagapatinamdistrict. There are separate sannidhis for Lord Muruga, Vinayaga and Ankaraka also The temple is always crowded and there is no proper queue system to worship the Lord.

Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple benefits

This temple is one of the important Navagraha Temple. When you enter the temple itself you will feel the positive energy. This temple one among the 9 specialised temples for Navagriha , houses lord Mars as a seperate deity.

About Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple

Presiding Deity is Shiva worshipped as Lord Vaitheeswaran called as God Of Healing. Vaitheeswaran is a Tamil Word,Vaidya (Doctor) and Ishwar (God). Thayar is Thaiyal Nayaki. There is a big Pond wherein people used to solute Jaggery, salt etc. A very powerful temple known to cure sickness of all kind, that’s why it is also known as the temple of Lord of Doctors. This is Very peaceful and beautiful temple where people come to pray for cure and to see the beauty of the Lord Shiva.  Its nice temple this temple is famous for chevvai pooja. When you enter, wash your feet in the pond. Most of the astrologers will suggest lighting a lamp and do archana for the lord. The lamps and also pooja items for archana also available are available within temple. if you want to do some pooja- go directly to the counter inside and ask

Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple timings

The temple is open from 6 A.M. to 1 P.M. and 4P.M. to 9 P.M

Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple Transport Details

You can take a bus to Chidambaram from kumbakonam or Mailayadurai and get down at Vaithesswaran Temple which will stop right in front the temple. It is a small town and everything revolves around the temple. The temple is on the main road leading to kumbakonam. The cars have to be parked on the main road. There are a couple of entrances. The whole area around the temple is surrounded by Nadi jyotisam. It takes around 30 minutes for one to visit this temple, if no crowd.

Our Suggestion

Take a call taxi so that you cab driver or Taxi agent will guide you if u take bus or own transportation then you will waste more  time (you cannot cover all the temples in a day)

Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple Address

Vaitheeswaran Temple, Address West street, Vaitheeswarankoil, Tamil Nadu 609117

Vaitheeswaran Koil Temple Phone Number :

095666 55541






புதன் (MERCURY)

குரு (Jupiter)

சுக்கிரன் (Venus)

சனி (Saturn)

ராகு (Rahu)

கேது (Ketu)




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