Nageswaraswamy Temple, Kumbakonam

Nageswaraswamy Temple, Kumbakonam is a Hindu sanctuary devoted to Lord Shiva situated in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India. The sanctuary is manifested by the songs of Thevaram and is named Paadal Petra Sthalam. Shiva in the appearance of Nagaraja, the snake lord and is situated in the focal point of Kumbakonam.

The sanctuary is one of the noticeable Shiva sanctuaries in Kumbakonam. The sanctuary demonstrates early Chola workmanship in its best structure especially as human figures. The sanctum is of padabandha-padmaka type remains on padmopana. The lotus leaves of the padmopano are cut with imperativeness. In its iconographic conspire the Ardhanari, Brahma and Dakshinamoorthy in the specialties of the external divider are included. Different figures on the dividers nearly life-measure reflect either the givers to the sanctuaries or contemporary princesses and princes.[8] The epic scenes are in low alleviation on the plinth underneath the pilasters of the dividers of the sanctum, reviewing the wood work.

The Devi holy place is a free structure arranged in the external prakaram (outer areas of a sanctuary), confined from the hub unit, however it faces south, a component normal to Saiva Devin sanctums. The complex of Nataraja place of worship is as a chariot on wheel drawn by steeds as on account of Airavatesvara Temple at Darasuram and Sarangapani Temple in Kumbakonam.

About Temple:

One of the most antiquated sanctuaries in Kumbakonam, the little Nageswara Swami – Shiva sanctuary, one of the best early Chola sanctuaries, is noted for the nature of its model, thought to have been finished a couple of years into the rule of Parantaka I (907 – 940). Adisesha and Surya had venerated Sri Nageswara here. At the point when Adisesha was moaning under the heaviness of the world, he came to Kuvinvanam, the present Nageswara sanctuary and did atonement. Siva and Parvati showed up before Adisesha and favored him with enough quality. A well in the sanctuary is called Naga Theertham.


Possibly the most established in Kumbakonam, the Nageshwara sanctuary committed to Lord Nataraja is one of the best early Chola sanctuaries, noted for the nature of its model. This sanctuary is accepted to have been finished amid the rule of Parantaka I (907-c.940). Despite the fact that the sanctuary is little however it is known for its sublime design that surpasses huge numbers of the other Chola sanctuaries.

The Nataraja hallowed place here is molded as a chariot, and the altar committed to the Sun God is of extraordinary sculptural criticalness

Nageswaran Temple, is committed to Shiva in the appearance of Nagaraja, the snake lord. Otherwise called “Koothandavar Kovil”, it is situated close to the Kumbakonam old transport stand. Aditya Chola developed this sanctuary amid the twelfth century. It remains as an extraordinary wonder of Chola design, building innovation and space science. The plan and introduction are organized so that it permits daylight inside the sanctuary just amid the Tamil month of Chithirai (April/May), in this way, it bears another name called Surya Kottam or Keel Kottam. The Karuvarai (Sanctum Sanctorum) of Nageswaran sanctuary is like that of Sarangapani sanctuary, as it is made as a Chariot. The sanctuary comprises of three gopurams in the eastern western and southern headings.

This tremendous sanctuary known is for its hallowed place to Rahu, one of the nine divine bodies in the Navagraha. A legend has it that the fanciful snakes Adiseshan, Dakshan and Kaarkotakan revered Shiva here. Legend additionally has it that King Nala venerated Shiva here as in Thirunallar

Remaining in a patio, the primary place of worship to Shiva is associated with an ordered mandapa. Both offer a base cut with scenes from the legends and lotus petals. The primary specialties on the sanctum divider contain models – on the north, Dakshinamurti (“south-bound” Shiva as educator), on the west Ardhanarishvara (male Shiva and female Shakti in one figure) and Brahma on the south. Going along with them are high-help close life-estimate models of unidentified figures, maybe admirers, benefactors or eminence. Inside the yard, a hallowed place to Nataraja highlights raising steeds and wheels, with small figures as spokes.

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